Here’s The Truth About Dominican Independence Day

You wouldn’t be improper to imagine that when a rustic celebrates it independence day, they’re celebrating the second they received sovereignty, their freedom from a distinct nation. For many Latin American international locations, these noticed days mark their declaration of independence from Spain (although it’s key to understand that this liberations didn’t apply to all: many enslaved individuals wouldn’t be liberated till a lot later). However the Dominican Republic’s independence day, celebrated on February 27, has nothing to do with Spanish colonizers, however somewhat the nation’s autonomy from Haiti in 1844, a proven fact that’s set the groundwork for hundreds of years of anti-Black animus. The island of Hispaniola is house to 2 international locations, with Haiti on the west and the Dominican Republic on the east. After 1844, the Dominican Republic was re-colonized by Spain between 1861 to 1865, and its freedom from the European colonizer arrived in 1865 when Black Dominican rebels, with the assistance of Haiti who feared that Spain would reestablish slavery, fought to overthrow Spanish rule within the Dominican Restoration Struggle. Regardless of, anti-Haitian sentiments are ingrained in Dominican tradition. It led to the genocide of hundreds of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent residing on the island, organized by Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo in what’s often known as the Parsley Bloodbath of 1937. In an effort to transfer away from anti-Haitianism, digital consciousness actions (like using the hashtag #1865) permit Dominicans to critically take into consideration why we have fun on February 27, and never on July 15, when the nation gained its freedom from Spain. To study extra in regards to the historical past of anti-Haitian discourse, click on right here, and browse extra in regards to the historical past of Dominican Independence Day in our social collaboration with the In Cultured Firm, beneath. View this publish on Instagram A publish shared by Somos (@r29somos) Like what you see? How about some extra R29 goodness, proper right here?

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