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A household in Taylor Ridge, Illinois is talking out after a Black Lives Matter signal and ally flag of their yard have been destroyed.

It occurred over the weekend and the household stated they do not know who did this or why. The signal and flag have been of their yard for six months.

“You mind does acquired to the more serious case scenerio, so we’re not individuals who need to be involved with our security residing in a standard world, proper?” stated Megan Hassleroth, who lives there. “And folks of coloration do, so I assume it’s simply sort of a lesson in perspective, proper?”

Due to what occurred, the household really added a brand new Black Lives Matter signal. This time, it’s even larger.

The 4×4 signal is product of black and white paint and has lights on it so it may be seen at night time.

Due to the indicent, the household has gotten survellience cameras for his or her entrance yard.

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